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The Risks and Consequences of Piercing Your Baby's Ears: Is It Worth the Pain?

The blog article discusses why it is not appropriate to pierce a baby's ears. It covers four main reasons: 1) piercing guns are not sterile and can be painful for babies, 2) babies are more sensitive to pain and more prone to infections, 3) the placement of the piercings may not stay even as the baby grows, and 4) it can be uncomfortable for the baby to sleep with new piercings. The article also touches on the fact that babies are already cute without needing additional jewelry and that piercing a baby's ears can be a traumatic experience.

Harout Basmajian

The Risks and Consequences of Piercing Your Baby's Ears: Is It Worth the Pain?

The Risks and Consequences of Piercing Your Baby's Ears: Is It Worth the Pain?

As a stylist, I often encounter parents who want to pierce their baby's ears. However, I strongly advise against it. In this article, I will discuss four reasons why piercing your baby's ears might be harmful.

  1. Most people pierce babies' ears with guns, which is not recommended. Piercing guns can jam, and they are not sterile as they are used on multiple babies before yours. They also pierce the ear with the jewelry that the baby will be wearing that day, resulting in a blunt and painful process. Additionally, babies are more sensitive to pain and have a higher risk of getting infections on their piercings due to their undeveloped immune systems.

  2. There is no valid reason to put your baby through the pain and trauma of ear piercing just to make them look cute with jewelry. Babies are already adorable with their chunky cheeks, and the process can be emotionally scarring for them. Many people have traumatic memories of getting their ears pierced when they were young.

  3. The placement of your baby's piercings is likely to shift as they grow and their ears get bigger. I have personally seen cases where the piercings become uneven as the baby grows. This is because you cannot predict how your baby will grow or the rate at which they will grow. When they get older, the earrings may be significantly offset from each other and never be perfectly balanced.

  4. Ear piercing can also be very uncomfortable for the baby and disrupt their sleep. Baby earlobes are small, and most people put large, chunky pieces of jewelry on them. Butterfly backings can also make the experience more uncomfortable for the baby. In addition, babies may touch, tug, or rip at their piercings, causing further discomfort.

In conclusion, piercing your baby's ears is not a good idea. It is painful, can lead to infections and uneven piercings, and can be emotionally traumatic for the child. There are no benefits to piercing a baby's ears, and there are much safer and more age-appropriate ways to accessorize your child as they grow older.


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