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Piercing Aftercare

Piercing Cleaning Instructions:

Use the Saline Spray clean the area no more than 2x a day, spray the entrance and exit area of your jewelry and wipe off the excess with a clean paper towel.
Piercing Precautions:

  1. DO NOT remove your jewelry during its healing time as it will begin to close immediately.
  2. DO NOT clean your piercing with chemicals such as alcohol, Neosporin, bactine, essential oils and other product as they are not designed to clean piercing(s). 
  3. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly when cleaning your piercing. A piercing is an open wound, so dirty hands or fingernails can transfer bacteria on your new piercing(s).
  4. Be careful not to aggravate your new piercing. This includes turning or playing with your jewelry,washing and styling your hair, putting on or removing clothing, and sleeping on your fresh piercing.
  5. When you shower, make sure all soaps or shampoos are washed off your piercing(s).
  6. Be careful and avoid sleeping on your piercing(s), sleep on your back or use a travel pillow.
  7. Avoid swimming in chlorinated pool water, lakes and other bodies of water during the healing process.  
If you're having  any post service issues please book a check-up appointment 
Piercing Healing Times:
Before you can change your jewelry you want to make sure your piercing is healed. This is not exact as everyone heals differently.
  1. Earlobe: 2-4 months
  2. Helix: 6-9+ months
  3. Forward Helix: 6-9+ months
  4. Flat: 6-9+ months
  5. Conch: 6-9+ months
  6. Tragus: 6-9+ months
  7. Daith: 6-9+ months
  8. Rook: 6-9+ months
  9. Industrial: 8 months - 1+ year
Aftercare Tips By Piercing Location:
If you received any of these piercings here are some tips to considering during the healing process of your piercing(s).
Ear Lobes and Helix (Cartilage)
  1. Avoid makeup and any hair products.
  2. Thoroughly wash-off any excess debris 
  3. Use a travel pillow to sleep.
  4. Avoid touching or twisting jewelry.
Advanced Cartilage Piercings
(Rook, Forward Helix, Daith, Conch, Tragus, Industrial)
  1. Avoid headphones as they can put pressure on the piercing.
  2. Avoid makeup and any hair products.
  3. Use a travel pillow to sleep.
  4. Thoroughly wash-off any excess debris.
  5. Be careful when styling your hair or getting it styled.
  1. Avoid makeups, creams, serums and or face wash directly on the piercing.
  2. If you have a cold or allergies, be gentle when blowing your nose.
  1. Do not pick at debris buildup. Use warm water or saline and gently remove it.
  2. If you have a cold or allergies, be gentle when blowing your nose.
  1. Avoid clothing does not rub on piercing. Ex. high waisted pants or jeans resting on the piercing.
  2. Avoid body creams, moisturizers and perfumes directly on piercing.
  3. Avoid other bodily fluids.
  4. Refrain from any excercises that require the use of your abdominal 
  5. Avoid  swimming in chlorinated pool water, lakes and other bodies of water during the healing process.  
  1. Avoid moisturizers, body creams directly on piercing.
  2. Avoid other bodily fluids.
  3. Avoid tight clothing, lace bras, and woven fabrics.
  4. Avoid using lufas when showering.
  5. Be carful hugging people, changing cloths as it can get caught and yanked on your piercing.


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