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Conch Earrings

The conch jewelry collection is a very specific collection curated just for you. You have an option to choose from hoops or studs and both options can make the center of your ear pop, the conch is what completes the ear because of its location, it brings the top half and the bottom half of the ear together.

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Conch Jewelery: Fashionable conch ear cuffs - Perfect for trendy piercings - Lulu Ave Body Jewelery

Daith Jewelry

Do you have a Daith Piercing? Or plan on gettings one? Daith Piercings are Trendy. The Daith collection is a list of pieces designed for a Daith piercing. Indulge yourself in Dainty and Beautiful Jewelry by Lulus. 

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Daith Jewelry: Modern titanium daith jewelry - Explore Lulu Ave's Body Jewelery collection


Revitalize your style with our diverse earring collection - from affordable to luxe, varied metals, and unique designs for every piercing.

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Earrings Collection: Trendy dangle earrings - Stylish options at Lulu Ave Body Jewelery

Everyday Elegance

Find sophistication for every day. Versatile jewelry pieces that transition seamlessly from day to night.

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Everyday Elegance: Classic everyday hoop earrings - Lulu Ave Body jewelery

Helix Jewelry

Helix or what most people call "cartilage" is a collection of all the jewelry we see fit for that part of the ear. The Helix is the top most part of the ear and these pieces can definitely give you something that speaks to your originality and uniqueness. Keep in mind you can either pick from studs or hoops and we have them both!

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Helix Jewelery: Trendy helix stud earrings ,Stylish options - Lulu Ave Body Jewelery

Industrial Piercing

Lulu Ave presents sleek and durable Industrial barbell piercings, crafted for bold style and lasting elegance. Elevate your ear game with our premium designs.

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Industrials Jewelery: Titanium industrial bar for durability and style - Lulu Ave Body Jewelery


Belly Button Rings

Get the best in body piercing and jewelry and style your belly piercing with our unique and safe Belly Ring Jewelry pieces. We carry all styles of belly rings such as dangle/non-dangle, opal, diamond, and colored.

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Navel: Belly button piercing jewelry collection - Lulu Ave Body Jewelery

Nipple Jewelry

Do you have Pierced Nipples? Looking for the best Nipple Rings and Nipple Bars? Lulus Body Jewelry sells only Nickel Free Jewelry. Which means it will not hurt or affect your skin and body. Our Hypoallergenic Jewelry is safe to wear and very stylish!

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Nipple Jewelry: Trendy nipple barbells - Stylish options - Lulu Ave body jewelery