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Push-Back VS Flat-back Jewelry Whats The Difference??

Push-Back VS Flat-back Jewelry Whats The Difference?? - Lulu Ave


Ever wondered the difference between a Push-Back and a Flat-Back. Today we will be going over the pros and cons for each one and why one is recommended more than the other.

What Is Threadless Jewelry? 

Threadless jewelry is one of the most simple type of jewelry out there. This is where the top meets the post and they’re connected by a pin. The way they stick together is be creating tension. To create the tension you will need to bend the pin on the top piece but not too much to the point where is doesn’t go into the post. Another cool thing about this jewelry is that the tops are interchangeable which means you don’t need to spend more money on a whole new piece. The only way this piece can come off is if you pull it really hard. Other than that it stays in really well and a lot of piercers are switching to it. Some cons are if it's poorly made, the pin can break off of the top. If its not bent properly they will come apart very easily. I would say,  there’s more pros than cons for this type of jewelry. 

What Is Threaded Jewelry?

Threaded jewelry can be simple as well, only until you try to install the jewelry yourself. This is where the top piece is screwed into the post. Now when installing yourself it can be a bit hard because the top piece is so small and its hard to remember which way your twisting it yourself. The tops on these aren’t interchangeable which means you will have to purchase a whole new piece if you want something different. Some pros for the threaded jewelry is that it stays on pretty well if its screwed on very tightly and its very sturdy and secure. That is with the exception that it is very well made. Cons would be that they don’t have interchangeable tops. While you’re sleeping the threading can come loose and if you try threading it some threads can get stuck and then your jewelry is ruined. Also the threading can be striped, whereas the push backs just need the pin to be bent more for more tension. 


With that being said I’ll ask you a question, would you rather push in a piece of jewelry together or would you rather screw a piece of jewelry together?

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