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Johnny Styes Your Ear On A Budget - $$ (Silver vs. Rose Gold)

Johnny Styes Your Ear On A Budget - $$ (Silver vs. Rose Gold) - Lulu Ave


Want to style your ear but don’t have a big budget? Today Johnny is going to show us how to style on a budget. The color schemes today will be silver and rose gold. Let’s get started.

Style #1 (Silver)

The first piece of jewelry we will be displaying in the first ear lobe piercing is our Silver Heart Crystal Huggie Hoop Earring. It is made of sterling silver and it is rhodium plating. What that means is, that it is sterling silver at the base and the outside coating is rhodium which is white gold. It is a very thick plating so it is not going to wear out. The second piece for the second lobe piercing is our Silver Gemmed Hinged Ring, its 16g 5/16 (8mm) and we like to pair it with a huggie because both of them compliment each other very well. As for the third ear lobe piercing the jewelry that is installed is our Titanium Threadless CZ Prong Top with a flat backing. When purchasing ear lobe jewelry try to purchase something with a flat backing so it is more comfortable for you to wear. For the top of the ear we decided to go with three flat piercings creating an arch. The jewelry we installed (Left-Right) are our Titanium Threadless CZ Prong Top, Titanium Threadless Flower Top, and  Titanium Threadless CZ Prong Top. We decided to match the top to the bottom with the 3/3 style. This style is very simple and elegant, it's good for the people that are just getting into styling their ears. 

Style #2 (Rose Gold)

Now, this look is a bit more bougie than the previous style. This style is definitely going to be for someone who wants to make a statement. For the first and second ear lobe piercings we have our traditional Rose Gold Clear Round CZ Stud Earrings in 4mm and 3mm. If you have a tragus or plan on getting a tragus our Rose Gold Prong Crystal Push-Back in 2.5mm fits flawlessly in that area. Now, for the daith our Rose Gold Baguette Crystal Hinged Ring is definitely that statement piece. We personally feel that it brings together the whole style because it is the center of it all. The baguette is also something that can be used for your septum as well. To finish this style off we decided to go with a double helix using our Rose Gold Gemmed Hinged Ring in 16g 5/16 (8mm) to match the theme on the ear lobe with the double stud. It is very elegant and bougie which is definitely different from our previous style. If you’re a fan of rose gold and want people to see something extravagant in your ear then this is that style. 


This here completes our gold vs. rose gold styling on a budget. If you liked any of the jewelry featured in today's blog, all of these items have been linked above. Otherwise, feel free to head on over to to browse our jewelry selection. 

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