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Ear Styling Guide With Johnny Gold VS Silver + Industrial Jewelry! ❤️

Ear Styling Guide With Johnny Gold VS Silver + Industrial Jewelry! ❤️ - Lulu Ave

If you love opals as much as we do, we are going to show you how to style your ears using opals. Plus, we are also going to be including a new opal industrial that is now available at

Style #1

The first style is going to be a mixture of crystals and opals in 14k gold. Starting off with the three ear lobe piercings, for the first we decided to go with a 14k crystal & opal flower push-back. This piece is definitely bigger than the next two but not too big where it is in your face. For the second ear lobe piercing it is a 14k gold opal trinity push-back. Since, this jewelry is in the middle we decided to make it the center of attention by making it all opal, whereas, the first lobe piercing only has the opal in the center of the flower. This piece is a tiny bit smaller than the flower but does not take up too much space. Now, the third ear lobe piercing is a simple 14k gold crystal prong push-back. This jewelry is smaller than the other two pieces but it completes the area because as you go higher up on the ear, the smaller the area gets. This completes the look for the ear lobes on this ear, now let's move higher up. The next piece of jewelry is going into the conch piercing. This jewelry is a simple 14k gold crystal hinged ring. A hoop in the conch area is a simple go to, that most people like to go for so, we thought it would be a good idea including that in this styling video. The daith which is located in the middle, we decided to go with the 14k gold front opal hinge. I don't believe we've used this piece in a styling video yet but we love how it has all opals just like the trinity we have in the second ear lobe piercing. The next area we are working with is the forward helix. This area kind of mimics the ear lobe area but is unique in its own way. Since the area is already a small area you do not want to add any larger pieces to crowd the area. With that being said, we decided to go with the 14k gold crystal prong push-back for the top and bottom and in the middle we went with the 14k gold opal prong push-back. Moving on to the next piecing, for the helix area we wanted to fill up the area so we went with the 14k gold crystal flower cluster push-back. This here is the final piece that completes our 14k crystal and opal ear style.

Style #2

This second style has a mix of metals, we have titanium, surgical steel, and white gold. If you look very closely you can see a difference in the three metals. Titanium is typically the darkest metal, then surgical steel is a bit lighter than that, and white gold is the lightest metal. Starting off at the top of the ear we have an industrial that is fully custom made, titanium opal cone with flower industrial bar. We personally purchased all these pieces separately and placed them together to create this custom piece. The spikes on this industrial really gives it an edgy look but the flower in the middle gives it some contrast because it is not all opal. Next up, in the tragus we have the titanium opal flower push-back, we decided on a flower to keep a little of the theme with the flower in the industrial bar. It's fairly large so it definitely fills up the tragus area. Speaking of things that fill up places pretty well, we placed a titanium opal cluster push-back in the mid helix area because it fit our model ear to a T. For the rook area we decided to go with one of our most unique pieces which is the opal rook clicker. This piece is unique because it has a clicking mechenism in the back that is very easy to install. A lot of people like it because it is not something that you see everyday and it pretty much fills that area pretty nicely. For the next piece I do not believe we have introduced it in any styling video yet but it is the 14k gold opal hinged ring.  This was placed in the second ear lobe piercing because in the first ear lobe piercing we went with something similar, the opal hinge ring. We paired these together because one of them is a seamless opal and the other has the opals imbedded one by one in the hinged ring. That here completes our two ears with opal styles.

If you would like to get your ear professionally styled we do have that option available at It is a video chat option, it is a 30 minute consultation where we take a look at your ear and what you're interested in getting. It is a very in-depth conversation and we ask many questions to figure out exactly what you're looking for so we can get you the right fit. Make sure to check it out if you're interested.

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Kaitlyn Laurel

I love the in depth explanation for the style! It makes me appreciate the art that goes into styling the piercings. The opal industrial bar is so beautiful, I just might need a new piercing so I can wear it too.

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