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5 Things To Know Before Getting An Industrial Piercing!!

5 Things To Know Before Getting An Industrial Piercing!! - Lulu Ave

Thinking about getting an industrial piercing but don't know how to prepare before getting it? Don't worry we got you, here are 5 things you need to know before getting an industrial piercing.


Before going in to get an industrial piercing you want to go to your local piercing studio and get your ear checked by a professional piercer. Not everyone can get an industrial so if you do not have the anatomy for it don't do it! As you can see in the left picture shown above, this ear doesn't have enough fold on the cartilage on the edge as much as the picture on the right. That fold on the edge is very important because you need that area to place an industrial bar through. If you try to pierce an ear like the photo on the left you will have many problems.

If You're Sick Don't Get It

Being healthy for any piercing is important but with an industrial piercing since it is in the cartilage area it already takes longer for it to heal. We suggest waiting until you're healthy so your body can focus on healing that area only. When you're sick your body is weak and can't fight off a lot.

Clean Your Ears 

When going to get an industrial piercing make sure you clean your ears so the piercer has a clean workspace. When you have a clean area, ready for the piercer to work, your experience will be a lot better and faster. For the ladies with long hair, we recommend putting your hair up so it's out of the way and use moose or gel to keep those baby hairs in place.

Reputable Studio

This step is extremely important because no one wants to go to a studio and have them botch your ear. We've seen many time where people come into our studio saying there's something wrong with their industrial, but when we take a look at it their ear is not meant to have one in the first place. Some places will tell someone that they can get it when in reality they really can't. If the anatomy is not correct it will cause too many complications. So remember, look for a reputable studio that will be honest with you and know what they're doing. Make sure the studio is experienced with doing industrial piercings and go check out the studio beforehand. 

Be Prepared

Before getting an industrial make sure you have a full meal, are hydrated , and haven't consumed any alcohol or drugs. You want to be healthy and make sure to also have your I.D. on hand. It depends on where you live but here in California make sure to have your I.D. and if you're a minor be sure to bring either a birth certificate or passport as well as your parent with their I.D.

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