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Tips for Maintaining Your Piercing While Out and About

Tips for Maintaining Your Piercing While Out and About - Lulu Ave

Tips for Maintaining Your Piercing While Out and About

If you have a new piercing, you want to make sure to take care of it to ensure that it stays healthy and looking great. In this article, we'll go over some tips and tricks for keeping your jewelry and piercing safe while going out.

  1. Consider using a flat back (push-back, piercing studs) instead of a butterfly back. Butterfly backs tend to fall out more easily and can be more difficult to secure. Flat backs are tensioned together, providing a more secure fit that is less irritating to a new piercing.

  2. Choose snug fit hoops over larger, bulkier ones. Larger hoops tend to weigh down on the piercing and can cause irritation. Snug fit hoops, like huggies, are more flush to the skin and provide a more secure fit, giving your ear a break while still looking cute.

  3. Avoid wearing pieces with long dangles. While they may be fashionable, they are more prone to snagging and can weigh down on the piercing. Stick with studs and snug fit hoops for a safer option.

  4. If you play a sport and have a fresh piercing, consider using a circular Band-Aid to protect it. However, make sure not to exceed a few hours of wear at a time to avoid the risk of infection.

  5. Take it easy on the thrill-seeking activities. Roller coasters, surfing, and other high-impact activities can put unnecessary strain on your piercing and increase the risk of it getting damaged or lost.

By following these tips, you can keep your jewelry and piercing safe while going out and having fun. Remember to always consult with a professional if you have any questions or concerns about your piercing.

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