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Is your piercing healing right? Check for these signs!

Is your piercing healing right? Check for these signs! - Lulu Ave

Piercings take time to heal, and the amount of time varies depending on the type of piercing.

Earlobes typically take three to five months to heal.

Soft tissue piercings like the lip, eyebrow, and belly button also take about three to five months.

Cartilage piercings like the nose and upper part of the ear take six to nine months to heal.

Extra sensitive piercings like the nipple and industrial bar can take 12 or more months to heal.

There are several signs that can indicate how a piercing is healing:

The color of the area around the piercing can provide clues:

  • If it is very dark red, it is probably in the early stages of healing.

  • If it is pinkish, it is getting closer to being fully healed.

  • If the color is flesh-toned, it is likely fully healed.

The sensation of the area around the piercing can also provide clues:

  • In the early stages, it may be sensitive to the touch.

  • As it heals, it should become less sensitive.

The appearance of the jewelry can also provide clues about the healing process:

  • If it is smooth and easy to move, it is likely fully healed.

Proper aftercare is important to ensure that the piercing heals properly. It's also important to avoid certain activities that could disrupt the healing process. By paying attention to these signs, you can know if your piercing is healing properly.

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