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The Dos and Don'ts of Getting a New Piercing

The Dos and Don'ts of Getting a New Piercing - Lulu Ave

The Dos and Don'ts of Getting a New Piercing

If you're planning on getting your ears pierced, there are a few things you should do beforehand to make the experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Here are 10 things to consider before getting your ears pierced:

Take care of all hair appointments. If you have any waxing, shaving, or grooming appointments, make sure to take care of them before getting your ears pierced. This is because you don't want your stylist or barber to accidentally snag your fresh piercing while they're working on your hair.

Shower up. Believe it or not, some people come in with a bad odor when getting their ears pierced. Do yourself, your stylist, and your piercer a favor by showering and getting cleaned up before your appointment. Not only will you feel refreshed and clean, but you'll also make the experience more pleasant for everyone involved.

Get a good night's sleep. It's important to be well-rested before getting your ears pierced. This will help you feel comfortable, alert, and ready for the procedure. Avoid coming in with only one hour of sleep or after a three-day bender. You'll be much happier and better able to make decisions if you're well-rested.

Eat a healthy meal. Don't eat anything too heavy before getting your ears pierced. It's best to have a light, healthy meal, such as a salad or bowl of soup, so you don't feel sick after the procedure. Additionally, eating a meal before getting your ears pierced can help prevent blood loss and dizziness.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Both caffeine and alcohol can thin your blood, which can increase the risk of bleeding and swelling after getting your ears pierced. It's best to avoid these substances for at least 24 hours before your appointment.

Wear comfortable clothing. Make sure to wear comfortable clothing to your piercing appointment. This will help you feel relaxed and at ease during the procedure.

Bring a friend. It can be helpful to have a friend or family member with you during the piercing process. They can provide emotional support and help you feel more at ease.

Choose the right jewelry. Before getting your ears pierced, it's important to choose the right jewelry for your needs. Consider factors such as the type of metal, the style of the jewelry, and whether it's suitable for your piercing location.

Follow aftercare instructions. Your piercer will provide you with aftercare instructions to help your piercing heal properly. It's important to follow these instructions carefully to avoid infection and other complications.

Be patient. Remember that healing takes time, especially when it comes to piercings. Be patient and give your piercing the time it needs to heal properly.

By following these tips and preparing for your piercing appointment, you can ensure a smooth and successful experience. And remember, our team of knowledgeable piercers is ready to help you every step of the way.

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