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Professional Ear Stylist Judges BTS Members Ear Piercings

Professional Ear Stylist Judges BTS Members Ear Piercings - Lulu Ave


Are you a fan of BTS?

Well then, have a seat and get ready for our professional ear stylist to judge their piercings!

#1: Jungkook

Jungkook has nine piercings, making him the BTS member with the most piercings. He has six-lobe piercings ( two on the right and four on the left), two helix piercings, and one eyebrow piercing which is his most recent. As shown in the picture above, JungKook loves wearing hoops and drop earrings! Something that we find to be very unique is that he styles both ears differently!

#2: V

Moving on to V, he has a stacked lobe on his left ear which is becoming more popular. Following the stacked lobe, he has a second ear lobe piercing. This style makes it look as if the piercings are forming a triangle on his ear lobe. Lulus has done many of these piercings. The style of V's jewelry is very artistic/artsy. Overall, it looks like he has a total of five piercings, three on his left lobe and two on his right.

#3: JIm

Jimin has a total of five piercings. From what is shown in the picture above, he likes the hoops with pendants that sway. We also noticed that he has a helix piercing, but it is sitting at a slight angle. Maybe he forgot to downsize properly? Or that is the style that he was going for? The world will never know the truth.

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