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Do Guys Like Girls With Piercings!? *SHOCKING RESULTS*

Do Guys Like Girls With Piercings!? *SHOCKING RESULTS* - Lulu Ave

 Believe it or not one of the top google searches is "Do guys like girls with piercings?" Well ladies today we're going to tell you if guys like girls with piercings.

Now the question above varies on the type of guy and their preference. For example, some guys like a clean cut. Not even a simple ear piercing or nose piercing, nothing at all. They like a women that is "Natural" as they call it.

Moving on, some guys like girls that are a little edgy with a cute nose piercings, a couple helix piercings. Something like a cute constellation piercing styled by Johnny.

There is also those guys that are professional and would like a women that is professional i.e. a doctor or lawyer. Depending on the practice or the group they're in, they're not allowed to have piercings because they need to be professional. 

We see this all the time at our studio, a girl will walk in with all her friends and they want to get their nipples pierced. They will tell us that their significant other doesn't agree with them getting that piercing.  If they are getting intimate, most guys say that it tastes like metal.

Long story short, ladies it shouldn't matter what a guy thinks if they're judging you based on the piercings you have.  Guy's should love you for who you are and not your piercings. 

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