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Daith Piercing 101 - Everything You Need To Know

Daith Piercing 101 - Everything You Need To Know - Lulu Ave


So the daith is located in the center of the ear as shown in the photo above. Yes, this piercing can reject if it is done too close to the edge.

Healing Time

Generally the healing time for this piercing is 6-12 months. If you tend to have complications it will take the full 12 months to heal. This is a piercing that you will have to be very patient with. 

Starting Jewelry

Now, every piercing studio is different but for our studio specifically we pierce with a 16g(1.2mm)  3/8(10mm) hoop. The reason we pierce with something that large in diameter is because it gives you enough room for swelling. This is the only piercing that we start of with a hoop. If the ear has different anatomy we will use a curved barbell instead. 


After your piercing is healed it will be time to switch it out. Typically you start off with something simple but after you can get whatever type of jewelry you desire. Feel free to browse our website for different and stylish daith jewelry.


Aftercare is the most important thing to follow because you do not want to have an infection. All you have to do is purchase a saline solution that has a spray nozzle  and spray the top and bottom of the piercing. After that, you get a q-tip and clean off the excess solution but make sure to do it two times a day. Don't use any other cleaning solution or do any soaks, let's just make our own lives easier.


Do not switch your jewelry even if you think it is ready, always ask before you switch. If you switch too soon you might have piercing bumps and then you'll have to wait longer for it to heal. Another thing would be, not to play with it because that will cause a lot of irritation to the piercing. If you wear any stethoscopes or ear headphones you will have a hard time healing. For ear phones we recommend using over the ear headphones but don't wear them too long because the unnecessary pressure isn't good either.

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