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Ariana Grande VS Halsey

Ariana Grande VS Halsey - Lulu Ave
Which Style Do You Like Better?

Both singers use hoops to style their ears. Ariana Grande uses 3 hinged rings on her helix and adds 2 studs on her lobes. On the other hand, Halsey uses 3 huggie hoop earrings on her lobes to style her ear.

If you like Ariana Grande's look, we recommend for you to style your ear with our crystal hinged ring. You can place this on your helix!
For your first lobe you can put a diamond push-back to make it look more lavish and for your ear to standout!
For your second lobe you can put a prong push-back to compliment the diamond.
If you like Halsey's look better you can put our huggie hoop earrings on your first and third lobe.
For your second lobe you can add our drop earring to make it look more unique!

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