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Understanding the Difference Between Piercing Bumps and Keloids

Understanding the Difference Between Piercing Bumps and Keloids - Lulu Ave

Piercing bumps and keloids are often confused, but they are different things. A keloid is a thick, raised scar that occurs after a skin injury and can form on the earlobes, shoulders, chest, and cheeks. A piercing bump is a small bump that occurs after getting a piercing and is typically caused by irritation, snagging, or hard pressure. If you have a bump on your piercing and are unsure whether it is a keloid or a piercing bump, consider the following:

  • Keloids are typically lumpy or rigid, expand and grow, and the scar rises.
  • If the bump exhibits these characteristics, it is likely a keloid and should be removed by a doctor.
  • If the bump is not a keloid, it is likely a piercing bump.
  • To get rid of a piercing bump, keep the jewelry in, clean the piercing with a saline solution, and wash your hands before cleaning.

Remember to consult a piercer or doctor if you are unsure whether you have a keloid or a piercing bump.

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