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Professional Ear Stylist Judges A List Celebrities' Piercings Pt.2

Professional Ear Stylist Judges A List Celebrities' Piercings Pt.2 - Lulu Ave


Who's ready for round 2 of professional ear stylist Johnny judging A-List Celebrities' Piercings. Just like the last blog we will be revealing the celebrities at the very end of the blog. Let's get started.


Celebrity #1

Based on this photo above, it looks like she has  a double flat piercing vertically. She also has a piece we carry on our website which is the 14k Gold Crystal Marquise. Underneath that she has a little gold ball that compliments the marquise. Moving on, she has the conch ring and gold huggies on her ear lobes. We noticed she has a piercing that’s actually missing jewelry, we would recommend placing jewelry in there, so the ear looks complete. This celebrity looks like she was fully curated by a professional with style, this is something very similar to what we would do so whoever she went to definitely does this for a living. We love the look, celebrity number one you got our blessing!

Celebrity #2

Celebrity number two has a very interesting style. She has an enormous rock right in her conch it looks like a 10mm or 12mm. If you think the jewelry in her conch is huge take a look at the jewelry she’s wearing in her earlobes. She has one gigantic rock that is connected to another gigantic rock and it looks like her ear is going to tear. She most likely has one of the most expensive years we’ve judged on this list and anyone we’ve ever judged before. We don’t know what kind of stones they are but we did notice she does have her thirds pierced and she has a single gem in its place. She also has a hoop tragus piercing , all together she has a very unique style in jewelry. She’s definitely turning heads when she walks into a room.

Celebrity #3

This celebrity has tattoos and piercings, Rihanna a celebrity we've judged in the past also has tattoos and piercings. Is this going to be a popular trend soon? As seen in the photo above, in one ear she has an earring that has a small spike ball on top and connected to a chain with a bigger one at the bottom. For her seconds and thirds she has two gold rings. It looks like her style is on the mid evil side. For the helix she has a very simple silver cuff. On her other ear she has a star tattoos on her tragus and on her forward helix. Her ear lobe has what looks like a fan but goes with her overall style.

Celebrity #4

If you look closely it looks like this celebrity doesn’t have any actual piercings ,all the jewelry she has on looks like cuffs. She has a very unique look going on she has cuffs going all the way to the very top of her ear starting from a conch and the jewelry is rhodium plated. It’s a very simplistic look that matches and was most likely custom-made by a jeweler. 

Celebrity #5

Our next celebrity is probably the most famous celebrity on the entire list by far. For this like you can tell that she went to a piercing studio and not a professional stylist. The first thing we notice is a gold industrial she has up top and right underneath it she has a forward helix with a gold ring. Moving down the ear she has a gold ring in her daith right next to that and a helix she has it looks like a gold dagger. Last but not least for her firsts she has a really big gem, as stated before you can tell this wasn’t done by a professional stylist.

Now that you've reached the end it is time to reveal the celebrities.

Celebrity #1 - Dua Lipa

Celebrity #2 - Zoe Kravitz

Celebrity #3 - Cara Delevingne

Celebrity #4 - Emma Watson

Celebrity #5 - Kylie Jenner

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