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Piercings You Should NEVER GET!!

Piercings You Should NEVER GET!! - Lulu Ave


In today’s blog Johnny is going to be giving his opinion on what piercings he thinks you should never get. If you have any of these piercings please do not be offended as these are Johnny’s opinions only. 

Snake Eyes Piercing

As a piercer Johnny and many other piercers will agree that this is a horrible piercing and they recommend that people shouldn’t get it. One of the reasons being, since it is at the tip of your tongue It has a high chance of rejecting and it also rubs against your teeth which can cause damage and is bad for your oral health. 

Surface piercings 

 One thing to know about surface piercings is that they should not be done with curved barbells. Reason being is because if they are done with a curved barbell it has a higher chance of rejecting it because it doesn’t sit properly in the skin. The proper jewelry that should be used for this piercing is called a surface bar which sits flat so the chances of rejecting are much more slim. 


As shown in the photo above that is a fowny piercing. This piercing isn’t as common as the first two and here are the reasons why. This piercing is located on the inside of your mouth in the front of your gums. Your gums are your foundation if you have something rubbing against your gums that is going to wear them down and at the end of the day your teeth will fall out because there’s no foundation. 


Similar to the frowny this piercing is located on the inside of your mouth on top of your top gums. The smiley is pierced on the very thin skin area and usually what happens because of the weight of the jewelry and people messing with it a lot, it is most likely to rip out or reject. Another thing is the jewelry is always rubbing on your teeth which is really bad because it takes off the enamel. 

Finger Dermals

If you don’t already know. instead of purchasing wedding rings a lot of people are getting a dermal piercing on their finger instead. Keep in mind if you are going to be washing your hands all the time you’re gonna always be rubbing against the jewelry so it’s not going to last very long. Through experience whenever we’ve done something like this on someone or had someone come in who has it done, we always end up removing it.You do use your hands every day so if it gets caught or hit it is more than likely going to reject.


So all the piercings that Johnny has recommended not to get above,  is all based on his personal experience. Its based on all the clients he’s dealt with in the past and what he has learned while being in the dental field.  

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