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What To Expect While Your Piercing Is Healing (GOOD VS BAD)

What To Expect While Your Piercing Is Healing (GOOD VS BAD) - Lulu Ave

Today we’re going to be going over things that you should expect while your piercing is healing, let’s get started.

Bleeding and Swelling

First and foremost, one thing that is most common when getting a piercing is bleeding. If you are on your way to go get a piercing and you think you’re not going to bleed then more than likely you are because you’re being poked with a needle. Another thing you can expect is swelling, if your ear swells up so much to the point where it’s like the size of a golf ball then I would recommend going to see a doctor. 


Now with discharge there are different colors and each one means something different. Clear and white pus is in the middle its not good nor bad. Yellow is borderline and green mean's you have an infection.

Prolonged Healing

Depending on where you got pierced depends on the healing time. Typically anything in the cartilage area takes about 6-8 months or more. Patience is key, if any trauma happens during this time it will prolong the process. When it comes to piercing advise, don’t consult you friends, always consult your local piercing studio or a local piercer. Your friends will tell you to do all the things that a piercer will not recommend. Be careful while doing your daily activities, for example like changing your clothes or brushing your hair. If you think there’s a problem consult with the person that pierced you in the first place or if you want a different opinion then go ahead and consult with a different piercer.

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