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Johnny’s How To Style Your Ear Guide!! *MUST HAVE*

Johnny’s How To Style Your Ear Guide!! *MUST HAVE* - Lulu Ave


Having trouble styling your ears? Today, we will be sharing two of Johnny’s styled looks consisting of 14kt Yellow Gold and Titanium Jewelry.

For the theme of the first design, we will be introducing 14K Gold jewelry with crystals. If you're into styles that look classy, stylish, expensive, bougie etc. then this look is for YOU.


The first piece is a 14K Yellow Gold Teardrop Earring, which we placed in the first ear lobe piercing. This piece was chosen because it's very dainty and it hugs the ear perfectly. It is then paired with a 14K 20g Yellow Gold Crystal Hoop in the second ear lobe piercing because, it looks very similar to the first piece, and you can also use it in your cartilage or your nose. In our opinion, an 8mm is an ideal size for a nose, cartilage, and/or ear lobe piercings, because it gives people the look of a perfect fit.         


 The third piece we have used in the conch as shown above is a  14K Yellow Gold Gemmed Hinged Ring. If you’re looking for the perfect fit we recommend going to your local studio to get fitted correctly.


The next piece above which we have used for our tragus is a 14K Yellow Gold Crystal Marquise, which is a fan that widens out and has one flat edge. In our case, we have decided to lay it out vertically for the best fit. Keep in mind, that the tragus we were styling was pretty wide and large, some of you may have a smaller tragus so you might want to reconsider this piece.


Our final piece that is going to complete this design is going to be our 14K Yellow Gold Crystal Trinity, which we have installed in the upper helix piercing. Since the trinity is lavishly larger than the marquee it enriches this everyday style.


Are you looking for more of a minimalistic style? The second design is a complete 180*, which features studded titanium jewelry with white opals instead of rings.


For your first ear lobe piercing we recommend choosing something well-suited in size such as our  Titanium Threadless Opal Prong Top in 4mm as shown in the picture above. Remember, if you do decide to purchase this top through our website you will need to purchase a back piece as well. If your ear lobes are healed,  you want to go with either an 18g Silver Titanium Labret Post or a 16g Silver Titanium Labret Post, depending on your preference.

 The second ear lobe piercing we included our  Titanium Threadless Opal Flower Top. This piece is relatively smaller than our 4mm opal prong top, since the ear lobe  tapers as you go higher.  As for your third lobe piercing, this next piece is similar to the first one but a tad bit smaller. This piece is our Titanium Threadless Opal Prong Top in 2.5mm, which completes our ear lobe section on the ear so let's move on to the daith.


As for the daith, the piece that would interlock this look would be the,  Titanium Opal Cluster Hinged Ring in 16g 5/16 (8mm). Since the opals on the hinged ring are rounded off, it fits seamlessly with the ear lobe design we are styling.


Lastly, our personal favorite for the helix as shows in the picture above,  is the  Titanium Threadless Opal Cluster. If you admire a look that consists of a gemmed out ear, but don’t want to go through the pain to get them pierced, the cluster is a perfect fit for you. Based on our prior experiences, the cluster fits best at the top corner of the ear, since it starts off considerably larger in the middle and gradually gets smaller as it curves. 


This here completes our styling guide today. If you liked any of the jewelry featured in today's blog, all of these items have been linked above otherwise, feel free to head on over to to browse our jewelry selection. 

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Kimberly Reis

I enjoy seeing these pieces on an ear to judge size and placement. It gives a better perspective than seeing just the earring. Thanks for doing these.

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