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Don't Go Here For Piercings

Don't Go Here For Piercings - Lulu Ave


Want to get a piercing but don't know where to go? Today we are going to tell you where not to go for piercings.

Mall Kiosks

We all know that mall kiosks are not actual piercing studios. They don't have the proper education, training, licensing, or in general they don't have actual piercers that know what they are doing. They will most likely use a piercing gun which we don't recommend using. Avoid these at all costs. 

Department Stores

 Just like kiosks, department stores aren't properly trained to pierce and they will most likely use a gun to pierce as well, which will result into having your ear damaged. Additionally, they are not going to be sanitary and their environment is definitely not sterile.

Flea Markets

 If you get pierced at a flea market it was most likely in a shop that sells all kinds of things like cell phones, clothes, make up, etc. Again these people are not properly trained and don't have the proper licensing to do piercings. 

Tattoo Parlors

 With exceptions some tattoo parlors are also piercing studios combined that are really good but you do want to do your research and see which ones are actually credible. Some tattoo parlors are just tattoo artist trying to make a quick buck. Make sure to ask questions so you don't get a piercing that's messed up. 

Beauty Studios

 You definitely don't want to get pierced here because these places focus on hair, skin, and nails. For pricing it is going to be fairly cheap but remember you get what you pay for. We've had people that get pierced at places like these and the anglel is off, they don't know anything about aftercare, and they don't know anything about the jewelry either.

At Home Piercings

 Do us all a favor and do not do your own piercings at home or get them done at someone else's home in a garage. We see a lot of this on YouTube and it is not safe at all and people send the completely wrong message by doing so. The reason is, again there is no proper training, it's not sterile, and they don't have the proper equipment. Don't risk it please.

At School

 Most piercing done at school are in a school bathroom. That is a big no no because a bathroom is not the most sterile place. There is a lot of airborne bacteria from all the fecal matter in there and if you're there trying to get a piercing... talk about gross. Your friend is most likely not going to have any gloves, their hands are probably going to be dirty, there's no sanitation/disinfecting going on. If you're under age and want to get pierced just try to talk to your parents and get it done properly.

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