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5 Things I Hate About Tragus Piercings!! 😡

5 Things I Hate About Tragus Piercings!! 😡 - Lulu Ave

Today we will be talking about 5 things we hate about tragus piercings. Let us know in the comments if you can relate to any of these and which one(s) you relate to.

Healing Time

Yes, Just like any other cartilage piercing the tragus takes up to 6-8 months possibly even more to heal. The reason cartilage takes longer to heal is because there isn't much active blood flow to the area. Our body heals by allowing the blood to create collagen to build new tissue so you have to be patient.

No More Beauty Sleep

For any cartilage or ear piercings you want to avoid sleeping on them to avoid any irritation or piercing bumps. if you get any ear piercings we recommend using neck pillows to avoid applying any unnecessary pressure to the area.

Changing Jewelry

A lot of the times with ear piercings you need to wait a certain time before you can switch your jewelry out to something cute. We personally recommend waiting anywhere from 6-8 months to change it out to something cute, especially a hoop. If you switch your jewelry our sooner than that, you might prolong the healing time and irritate the piercing.

Getting Caught

The tragus may be a small area but it is located on the side of your face and we feel like that gets a lot of action. For ladies, since they have longer hair, their hair tends to get caught when moving the hair behind the ear. Be careful when drying your face with a towel as it can also get caught or even while changing your clothes. 

Over The Head Gear

If you love to listen to music or if you're a doctor we do not recommend getting the tragus piercing. With the tragus piercing you can not use headphones or ear phones because it can cause irritation and piercing bumps to form. The headphones cause unnecessary pressure to the outer part of the ear which causes the irritation or piercing bump to form. If your piercing is healed we do have a hack where you can simply push the jewelry forward and install the ear phone and/or a stethoscope but even then there can be some sort of irritation.  

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