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5 Common Mistakes You Do That Hurt Your Ear Piercing - Lulu's Body Jewelry 5 Common Mistakes You Do That Hurt Your Ear Piercing - Lulu's Body Jewelry

5 Common Mistakes You Do That Hurt Your Ear Piercing

Guadalupe Ordaz

5 Common Mistakes You Do That Hurt Your Ear Piercing


Does your piercing hurt but you don’t know why? Don’t worry we got you! Today we’re going to tell you about 5 things you might be doing that are hurting your ear piercing.

Mistake #1

Sleeping On Your Piercings

Sleeping on your piercings is a pretty big thing clients don’t realize. A lot of times you’re coming home at 1AM, you had a great Saturday night and you just get home and go straight to bed and you just happen to fall asleep on your piercing. Well, by sleeping on it, it's causing your ear to get swollen and then you wonder why your piercings aren’t healing. Also, tossing and turning can cause unnecessary pressure but that is something you don’t realize you’re doing so, we have a tip for you; try using a travel or doughnut pillow and putting it around your neck to sleep or you can also place your ear in the middle of it so you don’t apply any sort of pressure onto it.

Mistake #2

Touching Your Piercing

We personally see this all the time. Clients will come in and say their piercing is infected but as they’re explaining they are touching the piercing and squeezing out the puss. Then that's when we have to tell them that, by them touching it, is exactly the reason why their piercing is infected. You could be talking on the phone and messing around with it or you could be  bored in class so you’re touching it and pushing the jewelry back and forth. Also, keep in mind of all the bacteria that’s on your hands while you’re mindlessly touching it. So please keep your hand off.

Mistake #3

Taking Off Your Clothes

 Be cautious when taking off your clothing around a piercing. That is when jewelry can get caught and most likely be ripped out which will cause trauma. Just be careful and take clothing off slowly around the area. 

Mistake #4

Switching Jewelry Prematurely 

This part is very common and a huge part as to why your piercing won’t heal in time. If you don’t know when it is time to change out a piercing please go visit your local piercer and let them tell you when it is time to change your jewelry. Don’t assume that it's ready and don’t ask a friend. Switching it out can lead to complications so just be patient.

Mistake #5

Be Cautious When Wearing Glasses

When wearing shades or prescription glasses be cautious when taking them off or putting them on. When removing them they could get caught on the jewelry and cause trauma and vice versa. Another thing would be to make sure that the glasses aren’t resting on the piercing when you’re wearing them. That would cause unnecessary pressure to the piercing. One thing we recommend is when getting a piercing near that area, wear your glasses and have the piercer mark a place where they wouldn’t interfere with each other. Another solution would be to wear contact lenses instead. 



Don’t fight because that can really mess your piercing up. Be peaceful, don't fight, there’s always different ways to resolve issues.



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