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10 Things To Know Before Styling Your Ear

10 Things To Know Before Styling Your Ear - Lulu Ave

Wish you knew a few things before styling your ear? Don’t worry we got you. Feel free to read one of our previous blogs Johnny’s How to Style Your Ear *MUST HAVE* for jewelry inspiration.



The first thing you should know before styling your ear is knowing its anatomy.  Anatomy is the first thing you should know because everyone's ear is unique and if you’re trying to go for a certain style they need to match. Keep in mind that every earlobe is either detached or attached to one's face. Also keep in mind that the curve of your ear is either going to be folded or unfolded which depends on the style you are aiming for. If you’re trying to do helix piercings or have earrings that dangle from your ear lobe, you really have to know what you’re working with so you can find jewelry to fit your ear.

Existing Piercings

Next thing you should know is how to work around existing piercings. Piercers have to work around existing piercings when someone comes in and they want to style their ear. Working around existing piercings is like walking into a house and having all the furniture set and now you want to recreate a set but you have to leave the furniture as is so you have to work around it. One thing you can do is replace the jewelry so you can free up the space.


A budget is super important because if you’re trying to do something extravagant you need to have the money for it. If you’re trying to do something simplistic where you don’t have to spend so much money, that’s also possible. You have a range between a style that’s very simplistic and not expensive, low budget  vs. a style that is really expensive with a high budget. A budget also determines the quality of the jewelry you are receiving, the higher the budget then you will be getting that 14k-18k gold and diamonds. For a lower budget there’s still a lot of great options available, you have a lot of options available at such as titanium.

Abundance of Piercings

It is not recommended to get an abundance of piercings at the same time. This goes for the person that is new to piercings and wants to curate their ear in just one sitting. The reason we don't recommend that, is because all the swelling will make your ear look like a balloon. Our personal recommendation is to get 2-3 piercings done in one sitting but only if they’re going to be spaced out. If you come in one day and do ten in one sitting that is a horrible idea. Keep in mind the more you get the more you have to keep up with the cleaning. Slowly start your ear curating project ladies and gentlemen.


If you’re going to style your ear, it is super important to make sure you know what jewelry style you like. There is the other option of giving your stylist the opportunity to style your ear how they think is best. That's another way to go, but if you have a certain style go with that. By figuring this out, it is going to make everyone’s life a lot easier and it is going to be easier for you to create a budget for yourself. 

Jewelry Style

Jewelry style will depend on the spacing between your piercings. Sometimes clients will get pierced and their piercings happen to be really close together and when they try to wear a larger piece of jewelry it will clash with the earring next to it. When you buy cuffs for your helix you want to make sure that the sizing is correct. If the sizing is too big for your ear and it dangles too much it doesn’t always look the best. When purchasing a hoop you want to make sure that it is going to hug your ear correctly or when you purchase studs you don’t want anything that is going to be too long in length because it will get caught on everything and won't look as pleasing as you would like. You definitely want the jewelry size and style to fit the anatomy of your ear.


Healing is very important and this part pertains to the people that are just getting into piercings and curating their ears. If you get too many done like how we stated previously you’re going to have a hard time healing. If you decide to get any piercings done with a hoop you’re going to have a lot of complications like hypertrophic scarring. Keep in mind that if you’re sleeping on your piercings it can cause them to shift from where they were originally pierced. Healing is a huge factor of how your curated ear will look at the end. If you’re not patient enough and you continue to switch out your jewelry too soon it will prolong your healing time.

Jewelry Quality


If you don’t do research on the type of jewelry you are getting pierced with, it can ruin the look you are trying to go for. If you get jewelry that is low quality it is going to change color and it will also change the color of your ear and it can also get nasty and smell really bad. If you’re going to invest in your body or your ear and in your style, definitely invest in something that is going to benefit your ear. 14K Gold is not something everyone can afford but if you do invest in something like that it will last you longer so you’re not always having to buy multiple pieces. If gold is not something you’re into you can always try titanium, it is super lightweight and very durable. 


Too many piercings require too many cleanings. If you get your ear completely decked out with a bunch of piercings and a bunch of earrings, remember you have to clean all of it. We see a lot of clients that have gotten many piercings done because they wanted to style their ear. When the piercer is going to change the jewelry, a lot of the time there is a lot of build up because of not cleaning piercings properly. This also can lead to infections because the piercings are not being cleaned thoroughly. 

Finding The Correct Person

Find yourself an ear stylist and not just a piercer, someone that can do both, for example like Johnny (IG: Official.Hov). If you go to someone that doesn’t know what they’re doing they are going to waste your money, time, and they’re going to want to style it the way they want to and you’re not going to be really happy. Find someone that is really good at styling and make sure they have work to prove they have done it before.

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This is an amazing article!!! Thank you for these tips! I have been working on my curated ears for years, and they’re coming along great! Biggest hold up is cost… I could do something cheaper, like titanium, but yellow gold is my thing, works really well with my skin tone! Right now I’m working on getting a box chain for my conch piercing since hoops irritate it after more than 2 days. Chain seems like a good compromise!

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