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10 Reasons Why People Get Piercings!! *Shocking results*

10 Reasons Why People Get Piercings!! *Shocking results* - Lulu Ave

 Today were are going to tell you the reason why people decide to get piercings.

Self Expression

If someone gets a piercing it can be considered as a form of self expression. It's their body and they get to decide what they want to do with it. With piercings you are able to do unique things and style them in your own way. 

Celebrity Influence

Most people tend to get piercings because one of their favorite celebrities have one. Celebrities also have some power to start trends that people tend to follow. For example Cardi B and her new lip piercing.

Tradition or Culture

Yes, getting piercings can be part of a tradition or culture and not a lot of people are aware of it. Piercing babies ear lobes is a big tradition that we see in the piercing industry. Another one is that in India a lot of females get their nose pierced to have jewelry connected from the nose to their ear lobe for their wedding ceremonies. 

A Form Of Healing

A lot of people get pierced when they have recently broken up with their partner. They do this to relieve stress and to mark the beginning of a new chapter in their life.

Trends Or Fads

Some people want certain piercings because it starts becoming a trend. Also like I stated before if their favorite celebrities start a trend they will most likely part take into that.

No Reason

A lot of people just want to get pierced just for the heck of it. They don't have a reason as to why they want it they just want to go for it and do it spontaneously. 


A lot of teenagers of course at the age of 18  like to rebel against their parents. Now that they're 18 they don't need their parents to sign so they decide to get piercings, their parents dislike this because they can no longer  do anything about it. 

Peer Pressure

We've seen this plenty of times at our studio where a friend tries to pressure another into getting pierced by calling them names and picking at them. Remember you are in control and if you don't want to, just say no and don't let their comments bother you. 

Sexual Motives

Yes you heard it here, some people get piercings to help intensify sensitivity. For example, a lot of the times people get their tongues pierced to pleasure their significant other. A lot of females also tend to get their nipples pierced to enhance sensation in that area.

Test The Body 

We've had people get pierced just to test their pain tolerance. All they do is get piercings to see how much they can handle.


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