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Lulus Rewards Program

Here are some ways to earn more Lulu Points for different actions, and then turn those Lulu Points into awesome rewards! 

Ways to Earn Lulu’s Points

  1. Just by Signing Up you can earn 100
  1. Place an order and receive 5 Lulu points for every $1 spent
  1. Attach a profile picture to your review and earn 50 Lulu points
  1. Write a review on your products and earn an extra 50
  1. Attach a picture to your reviewed product and receive another 100
  1. Follow us on Instagram through your rewards account to earn 100Lulu points.
  1. Like us on Facebook through your rewards account and earn another 100 Lulu points.
  1. Celebrate your birthday and earn 100Lulu points.

 Ways to Redeem

  • If you are using your mobile device, click here.
  • If using a computer, follow the steps below: 
    • Locate the Rewards Program bubble on the bottom left corner of the page then follow the steps below to redeem your points:
      1. Log into reward account
      2. Look under next reward
      3. Click view
      4. Select redeem
      5. Apply code at check out

*Disclaimer: If you do not see a “View” button, then you have not unlocked the reward yet. You will receive an email once a reward has been unlocked.


Give your friends a reward and then claim your own when they make their first purchase.

  • Share the URL which is located under the refer your friends tab to give your friends the $5 off coupon reward.
  • Once they sign up and make a purchase you will receive 150 Lulu points.


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