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Our Story

Lulu Ave, was established in 2002 in Norwalk, California by Hagop and Lousi Basmajian.

Hagop, also known as Jack, named the shop after his loving wife and business partner Lousi (or Lulu as he’s always called her).

They first opened Lulus as a traditional brick-and-mortar that offered custom jewelry designs, creations, and repairs. The store carried classic solid gold and sterling silver jewelry with pieces ranging from earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings and custom charms. With the traditional jewelry business slowing down, they quickly discovered the growing popularity of body jewelry. With a desire for body jewelry on the rise, the need for piercings quickly followed, so Lulu decided to open up their very own piercing shop.

There, they focused on providing clean and safe piercings with only high quality jewelry. Fast forward to 2015, Hagop and Lulu’s two sons, Harout and Hovannes (also known as Jony), took over the family business, relocating the shop to Orange County, California. Today Lulu Ave is combining the traditional jewelry brick-and-mortar business with modern ear styling and piercing.


Our Family


Our Family

After decades of working for other jewelry manufacturers and retailers, Hagop and Lulu Basmajian opened their first jewelry store together.

With their combined knowledge and expertise, they offered clients a unique experience. The Basmajians provided unmatched service by treating every one of their clients like a member of the family. With a desire to keep the jewelry store a family business, Hagop and Lulu taught their two young sons everything they needed to know. Fast-forward and today their boys, Harout and Jony, manage Lulu Ave. Family-founded and family-owned, Lulu Ave has always strived to make customers feel right at home. Welcome to the Lulu family.

Our History


Lulu Jewelry
opened in 2001


Lulu's Body Piercing
opened in 2002


Harout and Jony
took over in 2015


online store in 2018


Lulu Ave Long Beach
opened in 2023


Our Values

We’re committed to creating both a fun and uplifting environment, being transparent about what we do, providing only the highest quality products to our customers, and celebrating everyone's individuality and unique style.

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Shop season favorites from our curated collection.

Shop season favorites from our curated collection.

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